gogs up

gogs is a “GO Git Server” that (supposedly) runs just about anywhere. It runs fine here.

I wanted source control locally, and a bit more “control” than just a git init local directory. There were a few issues:

  • I wanted the repository directory to be on a guest/host shared directory/folder (so Windows backups would get it). That didn’t work out due to too few or too many permission issues.
  • I didn’t really want PostgreSQL, but gogs requires a database, so I now I have three postgreses, which are not connected (yet).
  • Using SSH on a non-standard port generates all sorts of interesting errors. None of them are helpful for resolving the problem.

One can git clone the repository to the shared directory/folder, though, and use it on both sides. I have not tried any git commands from the Windows side; I probably will not.

Git Extensions looks as if it may be a bit of a challenge – but Mono is on my to-do list.

That picture is from Edge on the Windows box and it shows my conflicted identity:

  • Me-in-hat is the Microsoft login for work (about which Microsoft is always complaining because I’m also logged in by phone number from the local Windows installation).
  • The “ctest” in “ctest/notes” is the cluster.test user.
  • It pulled the blog icon from Gravitar via my email address.
  • “Tiger” is my name in git config --global.

In-cluster, the machine name is “gogs”, but I don’t have that in the Windows DNS path, yet. I do, now, and new picture so that sentence makes no sense.

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