Learning 2 Bake – from Scratch XVIII

There is good news, just news, bad news, and meta news on the baking front. Meta News The Kitchen Aid from G*d died. I hadn’t planned on immediately replacing it, even though I needed to bake some cookies for a bring-some/share-some thing; one batch of cookies by hand is hardly onerous. And there it was,Continue reading “Learning 2 Bake – from Scratch XVIII”

Learning 2 Bake – from Scratch XVII

It’s been so long, I had to look up the number. It is gloomy and chilly today. What better time to bake cookies! The Laird has been buying Artisan Kettle dairy free chocolate chunks for our kibble. Is anyone surprised that there is a chocolate chunk cookie recipe on the back? Artisan Kettle Extra DarkContinue reading “Learning 2 Bake – from Scratch XVII”

Social Praxis?!?

Who uses such expressions? Because they are screaming about Kyle Rittenhouse, I heard about MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztl├ín). I was curious, so I looked them up. I don’t recommend it. Their website is a word salad nearly devoid of meaning. As an example, using a sentence that actually parses:MEChA chapters are often theContinue reading “Social Praxis?!?”