WTFM: Printing Address Labels

Write The Manual. Creating mailing labels from the Groundhog’s Day spreadsheet is an adventure, every year. I’ll probably never do it again with Open Office, but here’s how: Create the purpose-and-date specific spreadsheet Download it (Google Doc becomes Downloads\groundhogs.xlsx) Open with Open Office (becomes groundhogs.ods) Save it somewhere (e.g. Documents\GroundHogs\2021Move) Delete the Downloads version ConvertContinue reading “WTFM: Printing Address Labels”


It was a bit annoying to get all the networks renamed and re-passworded, but it’s done. We have: StarLink623, MainLink623, and LegacyLink623. Interestingly, everything connected to the Starlink network. The Centurylink router has both 2.4GHz and 5GHz radios and each has a different name (Legacy and Main, respectively). Some things do not see the 5GContinue reading “Link623”